Best Hot Cross Buns in Brisbane

If you're on the search for Brisbane's best Hot Cross Bun this Easter, make sure you stop to savour our amazing Hot Cross Buns at Shingle Inn City Hall.

Hot Cross Bun  Coffee landscapeAvailable now, you will love the taste of our freshly made buns with your barista-made coffee or pot of tea from our selection of 15 loose leaf teas.

Shingle Inn uses the same delicious recipe that has kept customers coming back for years, including baking from scratch and adding premium dried fruit, peel and spices to create a Hot Cross Bun you can savour with your favourite beverage. Add a little butter for the ultimate indulgence, then close your eyes, take a bite, crunching through the light toasting and think about all that's good in the world.

Shingle Inn City Hall is open 9am - 4pm daily.